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Employer Contributors

City & Guilds are keen to engage with employers for a wide variety of industry areas and qualifications, to ensure that the employer voice is heard. 

This section summarises the different opportunities for employers/employees to get involved.

We want to ensure that our City & Guilds products and services drive our vision to support individuals in the job, on the job and into the next job.

  • Getting Involved with City & Guilds

      There is a growing desire of both Government and also Awarding Organisation to work closely together with employers to ensure that the qualifications and products we are offering, are the best they can be, and develop the right workforce of the future, and help to reduce the skills gaps that many industries face and will continue to face as industries change and adapt.

      Would you like to be involved in supporting with this work?  It is a great way to develop yourself, as well as your industry.

      We have different opportunities, each with slightly different focuses and commitment levels, therefore do have a look and if interested, let us know

      We are wanting to engage with many individuals from industry, so do share these opportunities and the many other Associate opportunities we have, with others you think may be interested.

      Examples of roles available, would be

      1. Employer Validator (Making sure that qualification scope, range and content are fit for industry)

      2. Subject Matter Experts (These are industry representatives working with us to develop products/services)

      3. Employer T Level Contributor (Work specifically to support T Level qualification builds to support their development)

  • Industry Areas
      • Engineering and Manufacturing
      • Education
      • Construction
      • Building Services
      • Health & Science
      • Digital
      • Childcare/Early Years
      • Business & Admin
      • Land
      • Catering & Hospitality
      • Hair & Beauty
      • Care Services
      • Transport & Logistics
      • Maths/English/ESOL
      • Employability skills
      • Leadership/Management
  • Task Profiles/Person Specifications
  • How to express your interest

      You need to fill in the very simple information form (takes a few mins to complete), Click Here To Submit

      One of our industry team will then contact you to explore next steps, and the different opportunities available.