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We are proud to offer a competitive salary to everyone who works for us.  Your pay progression will be through annual pay reviews and you may be eligible for bonus and incentive plans. We believe in recognising good performance and our reward policies reflect this approach. 

We also believe preparing for your future is just as important to us as it is to you. So we’ve provided a range of initiatives to help you prepare for your retirement and those ‘rainy day’ moments.

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  • City & Guilds Pension Scheme

      We want every one of our colleagues to be able to enjoy their dream retirement when the sun sets on their career. So we offer a competitive pension plan to help you prepare for your retirement. Your eligibility will depend on your contract of employment.

  • Income Protection

      We hope you’ll never need this benefit. But if you do become injured or are diagnosed with a long-term illness and can no longer work in your role while actively employed by City & Guilds – you’ll receive help when you need it the most. Our standard level of cover would mean you’d receive 55% of your annual salary. We pay for this benefit on your behalf. However, you can choose to increase or decrease your level of cover depending on your needs.

  • Nudge

      Nudge is an innovative system designed to prompt you to make positive financial decisions, exactly when your lifestyle needs it.

      · Ever felt like your finances need a makeover?

      · Do you want to know when legislation changes that affects you and your family?

      · Do you want to set financial goals and get clear plans to achieve them?

      Then help is at hand!

  • Free Independent Mortgage Advice

      - Dedicated Adviser & Administrator

      - As many meetings as you require

      - Full application support

      - Highly experienced for Contractors/ Self Employed & Clients on Visas

      - Time, Stress & Money Saving

      - Completely broker fee free