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At City & Guilds we encourage a very inclusive culture. To do this we actively listen to the views of our staff through the following ways:

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  • Local Feedback Groups

      Our LFGs are here to champion the voice of colleagues and support change in the organisation. LFG representatives are our elected body of employees that represents your voice – across all regions and business areas – in our organisation.

      The Role of LFG representatives are to:

      • Share information with employees about the organisation and its strategy
      • Seek employees’ views and ideas about the organisation and its strategy
      • Promote appropriate and two-way communication across City & Guilds
      • Represent employees’ views during organisational change
      • Help drive the ‘culture’ of the organisation to ensure we navigate change 
        whilst staying true to our purpose and values
  • The Guild

      The Guild is a reflection of our diverse community across City & Guilds. It is a safe and open online environment for everyone where you are encouraged to collaborate, share your views and ideas, learn from each other and share our diverse lived experiences through blogging, posting in our social channel and engaging with all story content across the platform.

  • Unite

      Unite is one of recognised Trade Unions at City & Guilds. They have the right to negotiate on certain terms and conditions for colleagues in the 'Bargaining Group'. This group includes employees based in the UK and employed by City and Guilds of London Institute

  • EES

      The Employee Engagement Survey is a survey that is sent to all employees across City & Guilds, capturing feedback about what it’s like to work here.