Independent End-point Assessors

Are you interested in assessing apprentice competence against an industry specific standard? If so a role as an Independent End-point Assessor may be for you.

We’re recruiting for suitable, qualified individuals to become Independent End-point Assessors & Lead Independent End-point Assessors for a wide variety of standards.

Our overview video above is a good way to introduce yourself to the exciting opportunity of becoming an Independent End-point Assessor and/or a Lead Independent End-point Assessor.

The video is delivered by current individuals doing these roles, and covers key themes such as overviewing the role, the skills, qualities, experience required, how to complete your application, what the end-point assessments look like, the support and training offered by City & Guilds, and general FAQs.

To maintain customers’ trust in our rigorous assessment, we want people with the right background and then we make sure we give them the training and support to do well.